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Equity is truly Revolutionizing Real Estate by continually reaching for bigger and better services and we're providing trustworthy professionals a means for a more secure and profitable future in the real estate industry.

Equity is growing fast!

We continue to see success and share it with our brokers, real estate agents, and their clients by holding to our core values, keeping our promises, and exceeding the expectations. We are expanding rapidly across the United States because we seek out the best, the brightest, and the most honorable in the real estate industry and invite them to join our team of professionals. As such, you can trust the professionals at Equity because we are knowledgeable, we have integrity, and we're innovative.

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We're not the only ones excited about Equity.

We've had over thousands of happy clients!

Our brokers work hard to make sure that Equity Clients are well taken care of. We're able to really engender this kind of care because we provide enterprise-level support and services to our brokers and real estate agents so that they can focus on delivering the highest-level of attention to their clients. It's a win-win situation.

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Equity's Services

Equity's goal from the beginning has been to offer a phenomenal portfolio of services and perks that can't be beat anywhere else. Guess what? We've succeeded.

Commission Share
The truly unique and uncontested way to put more money in your pocket.
Direct Deposit Commission Pay
You're the Best, you deserve to be paid quickly.
Free Ongoing Training
Add to your already stunning repertoire with these helpful, award-winning, free trainings.
Unlimited Income Potential
We're not just making a claim here. We've proven this time and time again.
We've teamed up with to provide you with systems that tie into your signs and other lead generation methods so that you never miss an opportunity.
You stage homes for sale, you dress to the nines to show your professionalism, you do your best to put your best foot forward at all times, and that's why we provide First Class offices and workstations 24/7. You are the best, so you get the best (where available).
Equity is determined to make a positive difference in all that we do, and we've realized that while it is a great thing to be successful in business, the world and our communities can benefit from the quality people we work with as well. That's why we've created our own charitable organization: Equity Charities.
We are the first in so many things, so it is no surprise that we were the first to make RPAC donations on every transaction. We continue to make regular donations to the PAC. These donations are paid out of the company's funds, not out of your commission, and we donate because we are vested in the future of real estate... your future.
At Equity, we are so appreciative of our agents that we have innovated in another very important area: thanks-giving. While we love the Holiday, we're actually referring to our Gratitude Program. Through this innovative program we truly show you our appreciation for your contributions.
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Equity also provides the following:

  • Free ProAgent Website - Professionally-designed, lead-oriented, MLS-integration, and a whole lot more*
  • Nationwide Presence - And expanding very quickly, so get on board now
  • Enterprise-Grade Support - You deserve the best we can give, and the best is just the tip of the iceberg
  • Enterprise-Grade Resources - We don't skimp on anything from trainings to marketing materials
  • Innovative Technology - We listen to you and build for you which makes our offering unique and helpful
  • Professional Signage - You'll be noticed with our industry-unique signage that reflects your business well
  • Professional Business Cards - These get the job done correctly following tried and true principles
  • Free In-Office WiFi - We live in the digital age, so why not? And it is reliable too, just like us*
  • Free In-Office Printing - It's a nice printer too, not a desktop inkjet*
  • Free In-Office Faxing - What can we say? Can't live without this when you're making a living in real estate*
  • Free In-Office Scanning - We make it easy to ready your docs so that you can get paid quicker*
  • Agent Workstations - Open and nice, not a damp, dark space where you cry yourself to sleep at night*
  • Professional Conference Rooms - Whiteboards, Video, Internet, quality all around…*
  • Access to Professional, Enterprise-Level Tools - Unbelievable Marketing tools at your fingertips!
  • Mobile Integration - Leads, leads, leads... oh, and more leads. Did we mention leads?
  • Trademarked Logo - We're that serious about our business because we know what we have is worth it
  • Broker Only

  • Broker Compensation - It's uncontested in the industry ensuring our brokers make what they're worth
  • Broker Fee - It's so low ants have to use a microscope to see it and even then they squint
  • Transaction Review - We collect the docs from agents so you can focus on helping them be successful as a broker
  • Direct Deposit - Straight to the bank, no runner or handler, it is all about putting your money in your hands
  • Brokers Get Paid - Receive a better pay than anywhere else for the work that you do
  • We Lead - We were the first to operate like we do, & we will always be innovating and staying ahead of the game
  • Your Future - Build residual income, rest assured that we've got your back, and sleep easier
  • Our Name - We live up to it, plain and simple... always and forever. We don't know any other way to be

* Where available.

Full List of Services

Equity Agents

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$499 per transaction

Flat rate $499/transaction on standard transactions. That's right. $499 is all you pay.

*Fees are different for some areas. Check with your local broker for details.

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Close 10 deals with an average sales price of $200K, and you'll make…

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Empowering more than 3,000 real estate agents across the nation to see greater success.

Equity Managing Brokers

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Equity has broken the glass ceiling! Our Managing Brokers have the highest average salary in the industry! Our model sets Managing Brokers free so that you can focus on Branch success.

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Equity Managing Brokers don't have a limit as to how much they can make!

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13,818 Transactions in 2016!

We couldn't be more proud of our amazing Agents and Brokers. 2016 was a record breaking year for Equity! Real More...

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